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KSE8 Karate Championships 2015, 1 March 2015

The squad traveled to Gloucester for the KSE8 Karate Championships. This was a fantastic competition which was incredibly well run and included competitors from all over. The standard of competitor was very high but the squad held their own and came away with 8 medals on the day. Well done to everyone that attended. The results were as follows:-

Amelia Tonery – Bronze in Kumite
Jake Clayton – Bronze in Kumite
Amelia Tonery, Henry Deeble and Olly Russell – Bronze in Team Kumite
Jordan Deeble, Jade Attfield and Shane McGuinness – Bronze in Team Kumite
Jake Clayton, Charlotte Jacob and Chris Attfield – Bronze in Kumite
Olly Russell – Silver in Kumite
Jade Attfield – Silver in Kumite
Jordan Deeble – Silver in Kumite

EKKA Karate Challenge 15 Febrary 2015

22 Students traveled to Ipswich to take part in the first EKKA Karate competition of 2015. We managed to bring home 22 medals and as always our students represented the club amazingly. Well done to everyone who competed.  The results were as follows:-
Amelia Tonery – Bronze in Kata
Ryan Smith – Gold in Kata
Luke Martin – Bronze in Kumite (fighting)
Chris Thekli – Bronze in Kumite
Thomas Smith – Bronze in Kumite
Alice Robson – Bronze in Kumite
Ryan Smith – Bronze in Kumite
Thomas Smith and Daniel McGuninness – Bronze in team Kumite
Ty Davies – Silver in Kumite
Amelia Tonery – Silver in Kumite
Henry Deeble – Silver in Kumite
Jessica Garrett- Silver in Kumite
Chris Attfield – Silver in Kumite (This was Chris’ first time fighting in the adult section as he recently turned 18)
Ryan Smith and Jordan Deeble – Silver in Team Kumite
Daniela Patch and Jade Attfield – Silver in Team Kumite
Charlie Deeble – Gold in Kumite
Oliver Russell – Gold in Kumite
Jordan Deeble – Gold in Kumite
Charlotte Jacob – Gold in Kumite (This was Charlotte’s first time fighting in the adult section as she recently turned 18)
Jade Attfield – Gold in Kumite
Daniela Patch – Gold in Kumite
Jake Attfield and Shane McGuinness – Gold in Team Kumite

Ipswich 15Feb15

EKF National Kyu Grade Championships 25 January 2015

The Club travelled to Sheffield on Sunday 25th January to compete in the EKF National Kyu Grade Championships 2015 in the impressive Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. The competition was busy as always with clubs travelling from all over the country, with some categories having over 60 entrants. The club fought admirarably and managed to collect 4 medals from this prestigious competition. The first medal of the day was collected by Amelia Tonery and Alice Robson in the Girls 10-11 Kumite Team event where they took a Bronze. The Boys 10-11 Kumite Team made up of Oliver Russell, Chris Thekli and Luke Martin managed to take a Silver medal shortly after. In the individual Kumite events Jordan Deeble fought off opponents to take a Bronze medal. The most successful competitor of the day was Amelia Tonery who despite being in a category with over 45 competitors managed to fight off all the competition and rake the Gold to become the National Kyu Grade Girls 10-11 Champion. Well done Amelia and to all that competed.

Sheffield 25Jan15

EKKA Karate Challenge 23 November 2014

The Club had an amazing last competition of the year and walked away with an abundance of trophies.
Luke Martin – Bronze Kata
Shane McGuinness – Bronze Kumite
Daniel McGuinness – Bronze Kumite
Alice Robson – Bronze Kumite
Luke Martin – Bronze Kumite
Giles Mensah – Silver Kata
Giles Mensah – Silver Kumite
Jake Attfield – Silver Kumite
Amelia Tonery – Silver Kumite
Chris Thekli – Silver Kumite
Amelia Tonery – Gold Kata
Ryan Smith – Gold Kata
Ty Davies – Gold Kumite
Daniela Patch – Gold Kumite
Jordan Deeble – Gold Kumite
Oliver Russell – Gold Kumite
Ryan Smith – Gold Kumite


Western Karate Union Winter Invitational 16 November 2014

The club travelled to Weston-Super-Mare for the second time this year and as always represented the club admirably. The results were as follows
Kata – Shane McGuinness – Bronze, Ryan Smith – Bronze, Luke Martin – Bronze, Charlie Deeble – Bronze, Jordan Deeble – Silver,
Daniela Patch – Silver, Amelia Tonery – Gold
Kumite – Amelia Tonery – Bronze, Jordan Deeble – Bronze, Chris Attfield – Bronze, Charlie Deeble – Silver, Chris Thekli – Silver,
Oliver Russell – Gold, Jade Attfield – Gold, Ryan Smith – Gold

WKU 16Nov14

Cheshunt October 2014

The club had a great day at Their penultimate completion of the year. We’ll done to everyone who competed.
Luke Martin, Charlie Deeble and Henry Deeble – Gold Team Kumite
Jade Attfield – Gold Kumite
Chris Attfield – Gold Kumite
Lily Jones, Amelia Tonery, and Alice Robson – Silver Team Kumite
Oliver Russell, Chris Thekli and Daniel McGuinness – Silver Team Kumite
Daniela Patch – Bronze Kumite
Roger Garrett and Chris Attfield – Bronze Team Kumite
Oliver Russell – Bronze Kumite


Banzai Cup, Germany, September 2014

Chris and Jade Attfield were selected to represent The Midlands Refion in the Banzai Cup in Germany. The pair represented the club and the region admirably and Jade went on to to take a Bronze in her weight category.

BKF British Karate Open September 2014

4 students traveled up to Glasgow to compete in The BKF BritishKarate Open in Glasgow, Scotland. The competition was extremely tough and all students gave an admirable performance. Jade Attfield managed to battle through and took a Bronze in her Kumite section.

Scotland Sep14

EKKA Karate Challenge September 2014
On Sunday 14th September 17 squad members attended the EKKA Karate Challenge in Ipswich, Suffolk.  Sensei Greg Wallace said he had a good feeling about the day and he turned out to be right. The squad walked away with an astounding 21 medals.  It was an amazing day and the squad, who are almost like family to each other, showed amazing support for each other and all put in fantastic performances. The medals they won were as follows:-
Luke Martin – Bronze in Kumite
Thomas Smith – Bronze in Kumite
Shane McGuinness – Bronze in Kumite
Jessica Garrett – Bronze in Kumite
Team made up of brothers Shane and Daniel McGuinness – Bronze in Kumite
Ryan Smith – Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite
Charlie Deeble – Silver in Kumite
Jordan Deeble – Silver in Kumite
Daniel McGuinness – Silver in Kumite
Daniela Patch -Silver in Kumite
Alice Robson – Silver in Kumite (despite it being her first competition)
Team made up of Jordan Deeble and Thomas Smith – Silver in Kumite
Olly Russell – Gold in Kumite
Henry Deeble – Gold in Kumite
Amelia Tonery – Gold in Kumite
Jade Attfield – Gold in Kumite
Charlotte Jacob – Gold in Kumite
Chris Attfield – Gold in Kumite
Team made up of Ryan Smith and Jake Attfield – Gold in Kumite

Group Photo

Wado UK Championships 2014 September 2014
On Sunday 7th September 11 squad members traveled the long distance to Hull, Yorkshire for the Wado UK Championships 2014. It was a massive competition with some of the categories having over 40 competitors.  The squad battled through their individual and team categories and came home with the following medals in Kumite (fighting) :-
Olly Russell – Bronze
Luke Martin – Bronze
Charlie Deeble – Gold
Team made up of Daniel McGuinness, Shane McGuinness and Jordan Deeble – Bronze
Hull 7 Sep 14

Central England Open Karate Championships July 2014
A total of 16 students travelled up to Worcester for Central England Open Karate Championships. The competition was attended by clubs from across the country and some from abroad. As always the students were coached amazingly by Sensei’s Greg Wallace and Steve Brame and the Club managed to collect an impressive 7 medals. Chris Attfield put in an amazing performance and took Gold in his Kumite section. Charlotte Jacob also put in an impressive performance to take Silver in her Kumite section. Charlie Deeble also fought his way through numerous rounds to claim a Silver in his Kumite section. Oliver Russell, Thomas Smith and Henry Deeble also fought their way to Bronze medals in their Kumite sections.  The last medal of the day was gained in the Team Kumite where the team made up of Oliver Russell, Amelia Tonery and Thomas Smith took a Bronze medal.  Well done to all who attended.


Whitsun Karate Camp May 2014
This years Whitsun Camp was a great week of training and fun.  All students trained incredibly hard and had a chance to brush up on any areas which they felt they needed to.  The week  included a Kata and Kumite competition and some students also passed their grading to progress to their next belts. Well done to all these students.  A massive congratulations also goes to Charlotte Jacob and Jade Attfield who upgraded their Black Belts to a First Class Pass following a tough grading. The final and toughest grading was undertaken by Jenny Wilson who achieved her 2nd Dan. Congratulations Jenny.


Western Karate Union Spring Invitational 4th May 2014
New Roding Karate Club attended the Western Karate Union Spring Invitational in Weston Super Mare. 12 students attended under the supervision on Sensei Steve Brame.  There were some great clubs that attended from all over the country but we returned with a total of 8 medals.
In Kata we took the following :-
Daniela Patch – Silver
Chris Thekli – Bronze.
In Kumite we took the following:-
Thomas Smith – Bronze
Oliver Russell – Silver
Jade Attfield – Silver
Jake Attfield – Silver
Chris Attfield – Gold
Daniel McGuinness – Gold

WKU 4May14

Scottish International Championships 26th/27th April 2014
On the weekend of the 26th and 27th April 4 students from New Roding Karate Club traveled up to Edinburgh with Sensei Greg Wallace to attend the Scottish International Open.  Clubs attended from all over the country and from outside the UK and it was a fierce competition with an incredibly high caliber of competitors.
Chris Attfield managed to make it through several rounds of fighting in his 16-17 years section and take a Bronze but his sister Jade Attfield managed to battle even further and came up against the current Scottish Champion in the final of the 12-13 age category. After an intense fight Jade was victorious and beat her Scottish opponent to take the Gold and become the Scottish International Champion 2014.

Scottish Open 26Apr14

EKKA East Of England Karate Championships 13 April 2014
On Sunday 13th April New Roding Karate Club traveled to Ipswich for the E.K.K.A Open Competition.
In Kata we took the following:-
Luke Martin- Bronze
Ryan Smith – Silver
Charlotte Jacob – Gold
In Kumite we took the following –
Jake Attfield – Bronze
Charlie Deeble – Bronze
Amelia Tonery – Bronze
Daniela Patch – Bronze
Charlotte Jacob – Bronze
Stuart Chandler – Bronze
Jade Attfield & Daniela Patch – Silver (Kumite Pairs)
Jordan Deeble – Silver
Chris Attfield – Gold
Jake Attfield & Ryan Smith – Gold (Kumite Pairs)
Henry Deeble – Gold
Oliver Russell – Gold

Ipswich 13Apr14

British Karate Association Open Championships 2014 12th April 2014
The New Roding Karate Club traveled up to Leigh in Lancashire for the British Karate Association Open Championship 2014. This was a huge competition and attended by clubs from all over the country.  New Roding proved they were are a formidable force to be reckoned with and took a total of 8 medals
In Kata we took the following:-
Luke Martin – Bronze
Jordan Deeble – Silver
In Kumite we took the following:-
Charlotte Jacob – Bronze
Jake Clayton – Bronze
Jordan Deeble – Silver
Chris Attfield – Silver
Jake Attfield, Jordan Deeble and Ryan Smith – Silver (Kumite Teams)
Jade Attfield – Gold (making her the BKA Open Champion 2014)

BKA 12Apr14



EKF National Championships (Brown and Black Belts) 29-30 March 2014
A total of 13 students competed in the EKF National Championships which took place over two days at the the impressive Ponds Forge Sports Centre in Sheffield.  The competition saw clubs from all over the country complete in Kata and Kumite. The standard of the competition was incredibly high and our students all gave their very best. Two students from the club managed to fight off the opposition to obtain medals.  These were Jade Attfield who secured a Silver medal in the Girls Age 12-13 Kumite and Oliver Russell who secured a Bronze medal in the Boys Age 10-11 Kumite.


EKKA East Of England Karate Championships 16 February 2014
The Club took 19 students along to this competition in Ipswich. It was a great day and in total the Club came home with 22 medals.
Kata – Gold, Sophie Cross.  Silver, Jade Attfield and Chris Attfield.  Bronze, Amelia Tonery and Ryan Smith.
Kumite – Gold, Henry Deeble, Chris Attfield.  Silver, Charlie Deeble, Daniella Patch and Ernestas Brazinskas.  Bronze, Amelia Tonery, Lily Jones, Georgia Rose, Olly Russell, Luke Martin, Shane McGuinness, Tom Smith, Jake Attfield, Sophie Cross. We also had 3 Kumite pairs teams. These pairs were Jade Attfield and Daniella Patch, Ryan Smith and Jake Attfield, Chris Attfield and Ernestas Brazinskas.All 3 teams gained a silver medal.



EKF Kyu Grade National Championships 26 January 2014
The Roding Karate Club traveled to The Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield for their first competition of 2014. This was a huge event with over 900 competitors.  All students gave performances they could be proud of.  Amelia Tonery was the most successful student of the day and gained a bronze in the Girls 9 years and under Kumite.


Awards for 2013
Our annual Christmas Disco is a chance for everyone to unwind after the amazing achievements and hard work and training everyone has put in over the year.  It is also a chance for specially selected students to be recognised and rewarded.  This year awards went to Amelia Tonery for Most Improved Student, Tommy Smith for Best Spirited Student, Jade Attfield for Best Female Kumite, AJ Jordan for Best Male Kumite, Chris Attfield for Best Squad Member and brothers Charlie, Henry and Jordan Deeble for Best Newcomers.  Congratulations to you all!

20131207_220205 20131207_215235 20131207_214935 20131207_214922 20131207_214814 2013-10-30 18.30.53


Roding Karate Club Annual  In-house Competition 1 December 2013
As well as external competitions, New Roding Karate and Roding School of Karate compete internally at the annual in-house competition.  This years competition was made extra special following the purchase of New Roding’s new mats.  The mats are competition standard and it is great that our students have the opportunity to train and compete on these in preparation for external events.  This years event drew in students in great numbers and an amazing day was had by all. The winners of each category are listed below.
Lower Grade Kata – Gold, Jordan Deeble. Silver, Courtney Smith. Bronze, Patrick Pearson
Higher Grade Kata – Gold, Chris Attfield. Silver, Jade Attfield. Bronze, Amelia Tonery
Lower Grade Pee Wee Kumite – Gold, Harry Jones. Silver, Isabella Squibb. Bronze, Finn Coleman
Higher Grade Pee Wee Kumite – Gold, Henry Deeble. Silver, Luke Martin. Bronze, Alex Brady
Lower Grade Junior Kumite – Gold, Oliver Cozar-Clark. Silver, Dominic Pearson. Bronze, Nick Sheperd
Higher Grade Junior Kumite – Gold, Olly Russell. Silver, Amelia Tonery. Bronze, Jordan Deeble
Mixed Higher Grades – Gold, Jade Attfield. Silver, Ryan Smith. Bronze, Jessica Garret
Adult Grades – Gold, Chris Attfield. Silver, Ernestas Brazinskas. Bronze, Chris Brady



Western Karate Union Invitational Championships 2013 24th November 2013
Roding Karate Club were invited to the WKU Invitational Championships 2013 in Weston-Super Mare.  The competition was a large one with 314 individual competitors.
Roding Karate Club took 15 competitors along and came home with 18 medals.  This was our last external competition of the year and we finished on a real high.
Our results were as follows:- Charlie Deeble – Silver in Kata and Gold in Kumite,  Jordan Deeble – Bronze in Kata and Silver in Kumite,   Henry Deeble – Bronze in Kumite,   Olly Russell – Bronze in Kata and Silver in Kumite,   Amelia Tonery – Bronze in Kata and Gold in Kumite,   AJ Jordan – Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite,   Charlotte Jacob – Silver in Kumite,   Chris Attfield – Bronze in Kumite,   Jake Attfield – Bronze in Kumite,   Jade Attfield – Bronze in Kumite,   Daniella Patch – Bronze in Kumite,   Roger Garrett – Bronze in Kumite,   Jake Clayton – Gold in Kumite

WKU 24Nov13 Roding Team


BIKO Open Championships 13 October 2013
20 students attended this competition and all students represented the club admirably. We left the competition with a number of medals.
Kata: AJ Jordan – Silver (10-12 Mixed) and Stuart Chandler (16+ Boys)
Kumite: Olly Russell – Silver (9 years- Boys), AJ Jordan – Bronze (10-12 Boys), Chris Attfield – Silver (16-17 Boys), Jade Attfield – Gold (10-12 Girls), Charlotte Jacob – Bronze (16-17 Girls), Jake Clayton – Gold (18+ Men), Chris Thekli – Gold (9 years- Boys), Amelia Tonery – Gold (9 years- Girls), Stuart Chandler – Bronze (18+ Men), Shane McGuiness – Bronze (10-12 Boys)
Kata: AJ – Jordan Gold (10-12 Mixed), Jade Attfield – Bronze (10-12 Mixed), Charlotte Jacob – Gold (Senior Female) and Sophie Cross – Silver (Senior Female).
BIKO Open 13 Oct 13 (1)



Wado-UK East Yorkshire Open 29 September 2013
This competition was held in East Yorkshire and was attended by 8 club members.  One trophie was won on the day by Jordan Deeble who took Bronze in Kumite.


E.K.K.A Open Competition 15 September 2013
The club had 14 competitors in this competition in Ipswich.  They managed to collect a total of 14 medals between them.  In Kata Amelia Tonery won Silver and Chris Attfield won Bronze. In Kumite Henry Deeble and Mike Exford won Gold, G.Rose, Jake Attfield, Jade Attfield, Ryan Smith and Charlie Deeble won Silver and T.Moles, Chris Thekli, Jenny Wilson, and Amelia Tonery won Bronze.


British Karate Federation International Open 7 September 2013
Although this competition was in Glasgow, Scotland it was well worth the travel just to see the sheer size of the arena.  The calibre of competitors was amazing and even though A.J.Jordan was the only medal winner on the day taking Gold in Kumite, the experience gained by all the competitors was fantastic.

Taisho-Do Open 4 August 2013
6 Club members made the long journey to Barnsley to represent the club at this competition.  It proved to be a tough competition with some fantastic opponents. Chris Attfield was the only medal winner on the day taking Silver in Kumite.
British Karate Association Open 23 June 2013 buy generic estrace vaginal cream. undertaking a regular intake of sweet-tasting solutions in rats, dogs and then take unhealthy food options than do normal
Roding Karate Club members attended the BKA Open competition accompanied by Sensei Greg Wallace in Leigh, Lancashire. All our members had a great time and came back with several medals.
Kumite: Olly Russell – Gold (Peewee), AJ Jordan – Silver (10-12 Boys), Jade Attfield – Gold (10-12 Girls), Jessica Garret – Bronze (10-12 Girls), Chris Attfield – Bronze (16-17 Male Junior), Charlotte Jacob – Silver (16-17 Female Junior) and Sophie Cross – Bronze (16-17 Female Junior).

Western Karate Union International Open 5 May 2013
This completion was held in Weston-Super-Mare and 4 club members made the long journey to represent the club. They came home with 3 medals, Jade Attfield – Gold (Kumite), A.J.Jordan – Silver (Kumite) and Chris Attfield (Team Kumite).


English Karate Federation National Championships 20 and 21 April 2013
The Club travelled to Sheffield for the EKF National Championships for Brown Belts and above.  3 Club members managed to obtain trophies, Jessica Garrett – Silver in Kumite, A.J.Jordan – Bronze in Kumite and Charlotte Jacob – Bronze in Kumite.


E.K.K.A Open Competition 14 April 2013
The Club had another great day in Ipswich managing to bring home another 14 medals in total.  Medals in Kata were won by Chris Attfield (Silver) and Jade Attfield (Bronze).  In Kumite medals were won by Jade Attfield (Gold), Chris Attfield (Gold), Olly Russell (Gold), Henry Deeble (Silver), Charlotte Jacob (Silver), E.Brazinskas (Silver), Jenny Wilson (Silver), Amelia Tonery (Bronze), Charlie Deeble (Bronze), Chris Thekli (Bronze), Jake Attfield (Bronze) and Ryan Smith (Bronze).


Toyakwai Karate East England Open Championship 17 March 2013
The Club travelled to Clacton for this event and managed to add another 11 Kumite medals to its total.
Olly Russell – Gold , A.J. Jordan – Gold, Amelia Tonery – Gold, Jade Attfield – Gold, Sophie Cross – Gold, Jake Clayton – Gold, Henry Deeble – Bronze, Chris Attfield – Bronze in 2 categories and Charlotte Jacob – Bronze in 2 categories.
Clacton 17Mar2013
E.K.K.A Open Competition 10 March 2013
The club had 18 competitors in this competition and managed to win 21 trophies.
In Kata Jade Attfield, Sophie Cross and Roger Garrett won Gold, Charlotte Jacob and S Chandler won Silver and A.J. Jordan won Bronze.
In Kumite Jade Attfield, Jessica Garrett and Olly Russell won Gold, R Forbes, Molly Lewis, A.J.Jordan and Chris Attfield won Silver and N Forbes, Daniella Patch, Lauren Ward, Chris Thekli, Daniel McGuinness, Charlotte Jacob, Roger Garrett and S Chandler won Bronze.

EKF Kyu Grade National Championships 20 January 2013
4 students travelled to Sheffield to represent the club at the National Championships for Kyu Grades. AJ Jordan won Gold in Kumite and making him National Champion for his category.

BIKO Open Championship 14 October 2012

comps1One of our closest competitions but definitely a well organised one. We all had a great day and the club enjoyed the full day adding more medals to our collection.

Kumite: Jake Wood, Nick Beavan and Freddie Allan – Bronze (16+ Boys Team), Chris Attfield, AJ Jordan and Jake Attfield – Gold (13-15 Boys Team), Charlotte Jacob Girls – Gold (13-15 Girls), Jade Attfield – Gold (10-12 Girls), Chris Attfield – Bronze (13-15 Boys), Jake Attfield – Bronze (10-12 Boys).

BKA Open 19 June 2011
Several members of the club made their up to Leigh to take part in the BKA Open Competition which was attended by a number of other leading clubs. Our members took part in both the Kumite and Kata competitions and successfully won a number of medals.

Kata :AJ Jordan – Gold (Peewee Mixed), Charlotte Jacob – Silver (Cadet Girls), Georgie Smart – Gold (Senior Female) and Jenny Wilson – Silver (Senior Female)
Kumite: AJ Jordan – Gold (Peewee Boys), Max Ince – Silver (Peewee Boys), Halle Ince – Silver (Peewee Girls), Senior Male Team – Gold


EKF Nationals Sheffield 2010
Michael Kelly – Silver (14-15 Boys)
Rob Kelly – Bronze (14-15 Boys)
Jenny Wilson – Silver (18+ Female)
Craig Wood – Silver (18+ Male)

EKF Nationals Sheffield 2009
Kumite: Craig Wood – Bronze (Male Jnr 16-17yrs), Jenny Wilson – Bronze (18yrs+ Female)
Male Junior Team A – Gold (16-17 years), Male Junior Team B – Silver (16-17 years), Female Senior Team (18yrs+) – Bronze

EKF Northern Regional Championships 2007
Kumite: Jake Wood – Gold (15- Boys), Craig Wood – Bronze (16yrs+)

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