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Jack Petchey Award

Award winner: Oliver Russell
Olly is a dedicated student, who has been training with the club for a number of years. He is a committed student, and always gives great effort in all he does at Karate. He has had a very successful year with the club claiming numerous titles at many competitions in which he has entered.

Award winner: Thomas Smith
Thomas has had a great year this year, and his progress has been significant. He is a really hard working individual who has matured massively recently. Thomas has had many successes over the past 12 months, and is a pleasure to teach

Award winner: Charlotte Jacob
Reason for award: Has really had a great year, and her maturity has really shone through over the past 6 months. From being quite a shy individual, she has now grown into helpful young girl by assisting other students who are of a lower grade. As well as helping others progress, Charlotte has taken the time to further develop herself, and recently upgrading her 1st Dan Black Belt.

Award winner: Ryan Smith
Reason for award: Ryan has studied Karate for many years, and his dedication and commitment to his training has finally paid off with him achieving his Black Belt. Ryan is a respectful individual, who has stayed the course and delivered against his objectives set.

Award winner: Shane McGuinness
Reason for award: Shane is a student who has been training with me since he was very young. He is a very hardworking individual, and although not the most gifted at the sport is certainly one of the most determined. His work rate is of the highest level every week, and he has now been rewarded with his 1 propecia 0.25mg effective acquire propecia st Kyu Brown Belt, which is just one belt away from Black Belt. Shane is a kind and respectful individual, who is also very popular amongst the squad.

Award winner: Daniel MGguinness
Reason for award: Very much like his brother, Daniel is another one of those who is extremely hardworking every time he attends Karate. A very likeable young lad, who is very popular in class. Daniel has also found the learnings difficult over the years, but his hard working attitude has carried him through. He also has an attitude which will never let him give up, and this is a true credit to him. He brings lots of laughter to our class, and is a pleasure to have within our club.

Award winner: AJ Jordan
Reason for award: AJ maintained an outstanding attitude throughout the last 6 months. Being a student that excels he is always looking to help younger students in any way he can. He is true to our club in so many ways. AJ recently defended his title at the Nationals in Sheffield.

Award winner: Dominic Pearson

Reason for award: Dominic is a lesser able student, who struggles to keep focused. With great effort and dedication he has worked through this and achieved his blue belt.

Award winner: Chris Attfield
Reason for award: Chris has really matured over the past 12 months, and in this time he has passed his black belt grading which is no mean feat for someone of his age. He has achieved this by training at least 5 times per week, and pushing himself to the maximum every time he is there.

 Saed Ayan
Reason for award: Saed is an outstanding member of our club. The way in which he carries himself is an example to others on how discipline and respect  should be demonstrated. For someone of his age, and the attributes he has, he has a very bright future in Karate.

Award winner: James Barritt
Reason for award: James has had physical difficulties which at times have meant he has had to stop and start his Karate training. Taking all of this into consideration, James continues to come back, and this time he has been back for the past 6 months and achieved his brown belt. This demonstrates his true character and we have nothing but admiration for his determination.

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